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Sherica Hymes has been helping people and organizations find their potential and exceed it for over 20 years. Having worked in technology, manufacturing, distribution, finance and entertainment, she saw a void in the market for the strategic development she became known for during her career. She founded Polished Consulting, LLC in 2015 to fill that void. Her company is a comprehensive consulting and strategy firm serving clients in both the public, non-profit, education and the private sector.


Thought Leader, Change Maker, Revolutionary- Influencer, Motivator-Advocate

She leads a team of developers and trainers who are breaking new ground in talent development. Being agile in addressing the needs of a changing organization are skills she has honed over years of experience in training and organizational development.

Through Polished Consulting, LLC, Sherica has created an innovative system for leadership development, change management and strategic implementation. She can draw employees into the big picture and knows where to go next in the people side of business strategy. Her successful approach to training & developing leaders has enabled her to retain clients like the City of Memphis, Shelby County Government, Nike, non-profits and several others. She can bring a level of professional insight and creativity to any project that will steer a team towards success.

Sherica is a highly sought-after speaker, able to captivate an audience with her ability to paint pictures with her words. Focusing on her areas of expertise she motivates audience members to think beyond their boundaries and accomplish things they did not believe were possible.

Sherica is an avid community partner. She serves on several boards, including the Agape Board of Directors and New Memphis Institute’s Fellows Advisory Board. She believes in leaving a company and the world around her better than how she found them.